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How to Take Care of Your Silver and Gold Jewelries

Our team in Bolcetta only creates fashion accessories that will not break your bank but will definitely last you for a long time. We offer only fashion accessories that will last you many (many) years.
Like any fine pieces of jewelry, here are some points to remember to ensure that your Bolcetta fashion accessory or any fashion jewelry will last you (almost) forever.

Always Remember:

  1. Keep your jewelry always dry - our collections do not necessarily lose its sparkle when it comes in contact with liquid, but it is strongly advised to dry it off soon and keep it in a dry container or box after it got wet.
  2. Proper jewelry storage - keep your jewelry in a tightly closed box to avoid moisture from getting in. 
  3. Avoid perfumes and colognes 
  4. Clean your jewelry regularly - set a regular schedule to clean your jewelries. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush and a mild soap or a white toothpaste. Air dry the jewelries after wiping it with a soft cloth.
  5. Always remember this, "Last in, First out"

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